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Musician and live-art director

I remember walking down an empty corridor with a stranger and I was telling them a story. For the both of us, the corridor didn’t exist for a while. Then we reached the end of the corridor and said our goodbyes. That time I was only telling a story. Usually I would also perform music on different flutes.

I grew up in Sweden, so the presence of the great Scandinavian landscape naturally finds its place in my work. I find it to be an inescapable consequence when living under the midnight sun and through the drama of the four seasons. In a way, I seem to be able to trace everything I do back to old Scandinavian storytelling, but my retellings adapted for modern reality. I tend to look closely at space and audience. Why are they there? Could whatever I am doing happen without them there? Then does it need to happen at all?

I wonder.

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