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『 Multinity 』

『Multinity』 was an audio installation that was performed to an audience sat in scattered seating in a hall. After having worked with Elīna Vendija Rībena in Mildly Nothing』, I wanted to see what more could be done with music and poetry. Since Elīna writes poetry in Latvian and I was based in London at the time where the performance installation took place, I wanted to see how I could present poetry in a language that was foreign to the local audience. In the performance, the performers walked in between the audience and handed out scraps of paper containing an arbitrary line or two from the Latvian poem, but written in English. Alongside this exchange of fragmented poetry, the performers would also whisper bits and pieces of the translation into the audience’s ears. This is all done to pre-recorded music overlaid with a recording of Elīna’s poetry reading in its original language, which were played through speakers in the room. In the end the audience will have slowly gathered an image of the poetry, even though it wasn’t chronological.

Photo-documentation by Gabriel Gabriel Garble