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『 Small Acts of Trust  』

『Small Acts of Trust』 was a musical poetry reading in the dark. In this collaborative piece between NO NAME, Elīna Vendija Rībena and myself, we created a room where the audience got a chance to experience the text and the music on their own terms. As one’s eyes adjust to the almost pitch-black room, the space slowly reveals itself. But what is it? Are we in the woods, a lake, or at the bottom of the sea? And who is speaking?

The work was built around the limitations, restrictions, and cautionary safety measures enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic, which was pervasive during the time of 『Small Acts of Trust』’s presentation. The audience seating was scattered, as were the interactions between performers. 『Small Acts of Trust』 was devised in a way so that it could be seamlessly looped and run over the duration of several hours. This and the work’s drop-in setting meant that the theatre was never at its fullest capacity at once, allowing for more people to experience the work whilst respecting social distancing measures. 

Photo-documentation by Gabriel Gabriel Garble